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Snickerdoodle's Goldendoodles

Raising happy, healthy fur babies one litter at a time!


We are a small home-based hobby breeder located in Bridgton Maine and have expanded our business within the Madison, WI Region.  We breed Standard F 1 Goldendoodles and will be expanding to breed F1b mini and medium sizes as well in the near future.  We enjoy year-round activities with our dogs like hiking, camping, swimming or just strolling around the neighborhood.  We understand that bringing home a new puppy is exciting and rewarding however it also requires work, regular training, and grooming, with plenty of love and patience. We are happy to answer any questions you may have so you feel completely ready to bring home and raise your new family member. When you take home one of our amazing goldendoodle puppies you become part of our dog family. As a result, we offer a lifetime of support and are always happy to answer questions or help where we can. Plus, we absolutely love to hear about how the pups are doing, get updates and pics as often as possible.  Our goal is to help you choose a puppy based on personality and temperament to best suit your family needs. We would love to assist you in finding your forever best friend.
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Meet the Parents!

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Hi, We're Eddie and Margie!

Eddie and Margie are happy residents of beautiful Maine,  the “Vacation State”.  Eddie delivers fresh seafood up and down the Maine coast.  If you’ve even had a lobster roll while you were here, chances are he delivered that delicious lobster (straight from the docks).   Margie does social work helping our community live their best lives. 

Past Litters All Grown Up!

The Mays, ME

"Jethro is our second English Bulldog pup from Margie. His sister Ellie May, is two years old. She is such a wonderful dog. We wanted to expand our family with one of her siblings for her as much as for us!When we brought Jethro home at 8 weeks old, we had hoped the two would get along well and play together. Their relationship is beyond our dreams – they truly love each other and get along amazingly well! They are truly siblings!Jethro follows his big sister around and copies her behavior. They wrestle and play all day long. They share toys and take turns pouncing on each other then snuggle up to sleep in a pile at the foot of our bed!!These two precious animals have brought a lot of joy, love, and happiness into our home. We’re grateful for Margie’s advice, support, and well bred, beautiful pups!"

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