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Badass Breeding Program

Welcome to Snickerdoodles Goldendoodles.  With our breeding program we always go above and beyond for our puppies and puppy families to make sure that our puppies reach their full potential and live their best lives!  So when we came across the Badass Breeder Program by Jeanette Forrey we knew it was something we needed to be a part of.  We wanted to stand out in the breeding world and make a difference with our program and we truly believe being a part of the BAB way does just that.


The start of our program is loving, healthy, happy parents. Our parents have great dispositions and temperaments and undergo not only genetic and DNA testing by embark but physical health testing by our veterinarian. After all, a healthy puppy begins with healthy parents.

The BAB curriculum involves intentional daily handling of puppies and exposure to new stimuli including sights, sounds, scents, textures, and people all of which are done during their crucial socialization periods. The curriculum is meant to empower puppies to be confident family pets. Not only does it teach confidence it teaches them resilience and that the world is safe, people are kind & dogs are friendly.


Once puppies are born into the world we begin ENS (early neurological stimulation) and ESI (early scent introduction) at 3 days old. This is performed on days 3-16, including gentle handling and daily weights. ENS is known to improve cardiovascular performance, stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease. ESI improves nose awareness and confidence.

Once puppies are 3 weeks old we move into a more advanced curriculum. We begin a “10-step puppy massage” every day. We use our 10-step handling exercises to ensure our puppies are exposed to various types of touch, handling, and sensations. We rub ears, cover eyes, open mouths, rub bellies, run hands down their back, run hands along tails, touch paws, tap nails, run fingers around the neck, and touch their nose.


They also start being introduced to different sounds, sights, textures, things to climb on, run through, and more. We believe in empowering over enabling our puppies. We set them up to conquer physical and mental challenges every day. By doing this we build our puppies' nerve strength and confidence as well as problem-solving skills. Our goal is to provide our puppies with a stable and enriching environment for the first 8 weeks of their lives.


Everything we do is for the love of all of these precious puppies that come through our home.  Giving them truly the very best possible start to life, that's the BADASS BREEDER WAY!!

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